Fireworks has been my preferred web design software for many years now.

After seeing the presentations, read product descriptions, tutorials and tried myself a few of them I feel like Adobe is actually getting better for web designers, but it doesn't really understand front end developers.

All examples and tutorials show how great is to turn a design into a coded website with their tools, but there's no mention of performance, best practices, and many of the things we face everyday at work.

Simple things like placing scripts at the bottom of the page, concatenated, minified, pre-processors, and so many new stuff for responsive web design… Nothing. It's all thrown there automatically so you "don't have to worry about it".

On the other hand, front end development is going so fast right now that no tool can keep up with the speed of changes. We barely can keep up ourselves! So what we have to do is to make sure we stay up to date with new techniques and standards, and participate in the conversation, while trying not to get seduced by the apparent magic of automated code.