I do not collect any personal or identifiable data from anyone on this website.

Also, there are no tracking scripts, no analytics, no social plugins, no third-party scripts, no cookies, no sessions.

Your theme preference (light or dark) is saved into a localStorage object which only contains the value of the theme, if you want to remove it and leave the operating system to set the theme, please remove the preference below.

This website is completely static and it does not change anything because you are visiting it.

It also uses secure data transfer through HTTPS protocol, which means the communication between my hosting server and your browser is encrypted and safe, so no one can see that you're visiting my content.

If you send anything to me via email or through social media, and you want me to remove it, please let me know.

For whatever request about privacy, your data or any other concerns please message me at me@ramonlapenta.com

Last updated on Monday, 17th of May 2021