Professional portfolio and personal blog of graphic designer and front end developer based in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Eleventy and template extends

A quirk detail about how Elevent handles extending a Nunjucks layout using template blocks.

Implementing Algolia on Static Site

A quick description about the process of installing and setting up Algolia search on this website.

My experience with Eleventy

A few comments about how it was to work with a static site generator and how 11ty compares to similar tools.

Photo of Ernie

Ernie looking through the front window on a overcast, rainy day.

Use Let's Encrypt on Digital Ocean

How to use Let's Encrypt to create an SSL certificate for your site on Digital Ocean when your server has more than one vhost.

HTML Is not responsive by default

Some people claim that HTML is responsive by default, and we as designers make the concious decision to change this, by using fixed containers.

Dear user, I think you're stupid

More and more we're making design decisions based on the assumption that users won't understand.

You are doing it wrong

On the trend of saying you're doing it wrong only if someone doesn't do things the same way as we do.