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You are doing it wrong

On the trend of saying you're doing it wrong only if someone doesn't do things the same way as we do.

BIRDIE, a photography conference

A couple of weeks ago attended a conference: a one day event for to anyone who is passionate about the human side of photography.

Upgrading my tablet

My selection process to pick a new tablet between an iPad mini and a small Android tablet.

Long lenses for portraits

Sometimes long lenses are a nice solution for portraits.

Resources of June

One day late, but a new batch of very good links with development resources. This time a bit more towards JavaScript.

Nobody writes anymore

We have it all available at the tip of our fingers, technology is causing small tasks not be necessities anymore.

Resources of May

Web design and development resources for May 2014.

500px plugin for Statamic

A Statamic plugin with a basic interface for the 500px API to pull photos.