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On Mozilla's events

I have to say I have mixed feeling towards what happened in the last two weeks regarding Brendan Eich's rise and fall at Mozilla.

The Ignorant and the Careless

The ignorant doesn't know he's missing something, and the careless knows it that there's something he does't know, but he doesn't care to find out what it is.

Resources of February

I started collecting links for resources and tools I consider interesting and helpful. I'm posting some of these links not only to share them with the community and myself.

Disqus using wrong domain

How to solve Disqus comments issue of using wrong domain.

Resources of January

Web design and development resources for May 2014.

Into the picture

Photography can be sometimes as simple as hitting the shutter in the right moment, or as complex as knowing all the technical details.

Adobe on design and development

Adobe recently launched a few tools focused on web design, and simultaneously announced the retirement of Fireworks.

Evil preloaders

If spam is the cancer of the internet, preloaders would be like a bad cold, that won't let you get off your bed.