Ignorance is the absence of knowledge. Not to know, and it is a bit different from not to care. The ignorant doesn't know he's missing something, and the careless knows it that there's something he doesn't know, but he doesn't care to find out what it is.

Dungeon gate

Both of them, are creating a society that too much doesn't know, and too much doesn't care about anything. All those people that go around life not knowing that it is happening around them, let alone make it happen. They just go buy their small pre made life in the corner shop, to put it in a box full of holes where it slowly goes to waste without having been used.

Those lives, are not only missing out on their own existence, but they also suck everyone else's life out of envy, criticising others with borrowed words what they don't understand and just trying to steal pieces of those who have created a life for themselves, only to go and put it in the same box and let it go to waste, not knowing what to do with it.

They come in all colours and flavours, no matter how many books they've read, and how high their social circles are, they just don't know and don't care how easy could be to get rid of that tag, and start using what's left in their box.

Entire generations have been progressively telling us that we don't need to know, that we don't need to care. To go to sleep each night without thinking about tomorrow, because someone else will fix it for us. Only they are also sleeping.

Maybe we just forgot how to live.