Recently I spent some time working on the redesign of the website, using the new Statamic version, everything went smoothly with the new design as it is quite simple.

When the time to publish the site was up, all files were pulled to live server, and after ironing a couple of layout and alignment issues I thought to myself "Wow, that was easy!".

A small but important issue, noticed only after a while playing and testing the site in my phone, tablet, etc: Disqus was pointing to the development environment domain! For some reason it got updated during development, and it got stuck like that.

Some of the comments were not showing up at all, and the ones that were showing, have the suggested on the "Also on..." section were pointing to my .dev local domain.

After verifying that my settings were correct, and then searching for a solution online, I came across an option in the Disqus's administration interface to migrate domains:

Disqus admin

The migration wizard is as simple as it could be. Check the current domain name used, enter new domain, Submit, Done.

Not that I get too many comments for this to be a disaster, but it was quite relieving to have found such an easy solution.