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Professional portfolio and personal blog of graphic designer and frontend developer based in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Eleventy and template extends

A quirk detail about how Elevent handles extending a Nunjucks layout using template blocks.

Implementing Algolia on Static Site

A quick description about the process of installing and setting up Algolia search on this website.

My experience with Eleventy

A few comments about how it was to work with a static site generator and how 11ty compares to similar tools.

Use Let's Encrypt on Digital Ocean

How to use Let's Encrypt to create an SSL certificate for your site on Digital Ocean when your server has more than one vhost.

HTML Is not responsive by default

Some people claim that HTML is responsive by default, and we as designers make the concious decision to change this, by using fixed containers.

Resources of June

One day late, but a new batch of very good links with development resources. This time a bit more towards JavaScript.

Resources of May

Web design and development resources for May 2014.

500px plugin for Statamic

A Statamic plugin with a basic interface for the 500px API to pull photos.

W3C Validator

A great way to find small errors like mispelled attribute names, bad nested or unclosed tags.

CSS Naked Day 2014

Today is CSS Naked day. A day when web developers and designers undress their websites from their styles to promote web standards in web design.

Resources of February

I started collecting links for resources and tools I consider interesting and helpful. I'm posting some of these links not only to share them with the community and myself.

Disqus using wrong domain

How to solve Disqus comments issue of using wrong domain.

Resources of January

Web design and development resources for May 2014.

Adobe on design and development

Adobe recently launched a few tools focused on web design, and simultaneously announced the retirement of Fireworks.

Evil preloaders

If spam is the cancer of the internet, preloaders would be like a bad cold, that won't let you get off your bed.

HTML5 localStorage

Some basic concepts about the new JavaScript localStorage API.

Basic concepts of web analytics

Learn what the terms and buzz words mean and what to expect from measuring SEO performance

Django newbie tip

Small tip for Django websites

The HTML5 section tag

My intent to adapt the design of this site to a nice HTML5 markup.