I have talked before about how I think technology has been making us humans a bit dumber as time goes by, but after some consideration I believe that the more appropriate word is lazier.

We have it all available at the tip of our fingers, so even a small task like remembering someone's phone number or how to get to a place we want to go to, is not a necessity anymore. Let alone something like learning a new language.

But one area that has been particularly affected, not sure if it's because of the consumers or because of the authors, is the news. News websites, more noticeable in the entertaining industry, have just stopped writing. Their articles now come in the form of a video. They don't even bother giving a description of what's going on in the video, so you have to watch it, and depending on your environment, you might need headphones.

Video sketch

Online services like Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook have incredibly easy tools to share videos online, and this commodity seem to have had an effect in the way we consume information. So much in fact, that even books are now distributed as audiobooks, so people don't have to go through what now seems a horrible experience of reading.

I can understand how modern society has a fast pace for everything, nobody has time for anything, but I'm pretty sure that not giving people the option to read a news article instead of just watching a video about it, is not helping that society be better in any way.

I'm sure this is a trend that will only get worse with time, so I can only hope for the habit of reading to not die anytime soon.