I've always been amazed of knowing that most people in the world never get to leave their hometown and its surroundings. To know that people are usually satisfied with what they see everyday.

I'm not.

I was born in Venezuela, which was ok until I realized how far behind we were are in so many things. And now more with the whole country going backwards. That's when I decided it was time to leave, and see the world.

I went to México where I have family. It was easy, cheap, and very convenient. I loved Guadalajara since my first time there, and it looked like a nice place to live. Three years later, and feeling behind again, it's time to move on.

Despite how much I love México and how different it is from Venezuela, the next step has to be a big one. A step that changes everything.

One day, talking about music and how artists have a particular view of the world and life, I noticed that artists are the ones that really represent the culture of the place they belong to. They breathe and live their land with a sense that no other have, they see their people, they feel their problems, their history, what they really are, and then they sing those feelings out to the world with words that know and care.

With this in mind, it's not hard for me to pick a place to go: England, home of the greatest bands ever and the music I love.

The curious thing was that before I got to pick the place, the place picked me. From the very first moment me and Randy started to feel the need to go somewhere else, circumstances put England in front of us, no matter how we see it, it always has to be England. So England will be.

I already left México, and it's only one week before my trip across the ocean. It feels good to change lanes. It feels good to change to the fast lane.

I'm ready