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Professional portfolio and personal blog of graphic designer and frontend developer based in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Selecting a new office chair

Working at a desk from home full time requires a good chair that's comfortable and sturdy

Dear user, I think you're stupid

More and more we're making design decisions based on the assumption that users won't understand.

You are doing it wrong

On the trend of saying you're doing it wrong only if someone doesn't do things the same way as we do.

Upgrading my tablet

My selection process to pick a new tablet between an iPad mini and a small Android tablet.

Nobody writes anymore

We have it all available at the tip of our fingers, technology is causing small tasks not be necessities anymore.

On Mozilla's events

I have to say I have mixed feeling towards what happened in the last two weeks regarding Brendan Eich's rise and fall at Mozilla.

The Ignorant and the Careless

The ignorant doesn't know he's missing something, and the careless knows it that there's something he does't know, but he doesn't care to find out what it is.

Blogging again

Getting back to write on my blog, after a long (too long) break.

Changing lanes

Once again changing my whole reality, leaving my country and everything I know.

First impressions

They say first impressions are the only ones that really matter.

I think I made it

I've been working with this site for the past several weeks, and I think I finally have something to show.